Wormhole’s Song Bridges released on Hooves of the Ibex

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Wormhole, The Zoo

Wormhole’s Song Bridges was released on their debut album Hooves of the Ibex

26 thoughts on “Wormhole’s Song Bridges released on Hooves of the Ibex

  1. At the start i thought i was hearing a old school metalica track, but then i heard the main vocalists voice and the drums kicked in and i realized it most definitely aint one of their tracks. The song has an ounce of despair and sorrow and the way the music is played has done this wonderfully. when the second voice kicks in i can feel more talent within that voice regardless of the first.

  2. I love how the song starts off deep bass of the electric guitar. Strumming the strings then comes in the male vocalist. So strong deep voice his voice with raspiness in the chorus. I love how there is repetition in the triads which makes the song even better to the scale. The song is very intense to everything that is shown in the harmony. I like how steady the rhythm stays very gratifying.

  3. I admire the strong vocals in this song,the artists have strong confident voices that really show this song.The lyrics are very fantastic they really sticks out very well, they really clear. The beat makes the song fast which make this song exciting .I love the instruments of the song,they work very well including the voices.

  4. Beautiful use of drop D tuning and a guitar beat that lines up good with the rest of the songs broken beat. The lyrics are a bit confusing and do not have much of an effect. Ostentatious drum patterns really hold the songs chorus together. Creativity was a strong point in the making of this song. A simple kindness exudes from the lack of ego and the artists attitude throughout the song.

  5. The introduction gives off a dark rock and roll song coming up, The voice in the start is very soothing and calming and i like the fact that the guitar is following the words at some points in the song. The beat gets a little Representative and the chorus isn’t great But all together pretty good song. Thank you very much sir!

  6. This song sounds very very relaxing and calm, I woke up a few minutes ago and this is the perfect music to listen to, I can just grab a cup of tea and sit back listening to this song for the rest of the morning. Bu the amazing thing about this song is this is still something g I can listen at a party. Your vocals are great making the instruments sounds on point . Your music does not need a lot of work that’s for sure I won’t be suprised see if I saw you on TV or heard you on the radio one day keep it up.

  7. liked the guitar rift at the start, the drums was not bad, but for me the singer needs to sing louder as the backing over shadowed him a little until part way through but then it went back to him being overshadowed by the backing, this song and backing was not bad at all, however it could have been a lot better and presented better. its like a mish mash of things going on all at the same time.

  8. This song starts out with the cool tune from a nice guitar that will set the stage for upcoming effects. After that little solo, the vocals start to perform and shortly following that is the introduction of the drums. Then following that the lyrics that start to make the song come all together. The hook line of the song is also very nice and the lyrics that are included in the hook are very catchy and offer a lot of overall variety.

  9. The beginning of this song was soft and easy going although the it was an electric guitar. It could very well have well could have been an electric-acoustic. It almost sounded like some 80’s rock songs. When he was singing “where the bridges we burned,” it almost sounded like him and the background music were perfect. The bridge was probably my favorite part. It was so different from the rest of the song which is good because the bridge is supposed to be so different and they honestly nailed that. Other than that chorus everything else about this song was made excellently. That guitarist had more talent and potential than everyone else. But other than those few minor flaws this song was exceptionally well made. Good luck with your music career.

  10. Great song! Made me feel like I was at a concert. It felt like I had some type of connection with the lyrics. This song is great lyrically, instrumentally, and mentally! I love it, keep up the good work. Music like this can get you far in a career. Overall this deserves a high ranking.

  11. Really nice starting beat. I feel that the peak of the song should really not be where the bridges we burn. I feel that is a bit strange. I mean the rhythm of the song is amazing the instrumentals are nice vocals are good but the lyrics could really use some work. Otherwise everything else is really enjoyable to hear. I just feel that the song gives off a positive vibe.

  12. Nice atmospheric intro, guitar sounds haunting and is recorded and mixed nicely. As soon as the vocals come in it sort of reverts into an 80’s track. The vocal mixing and processing just sounds a little out-dated, with too much small reverb and not enough compression. The actual mixing between all the elements is nice, and all the instruments have room in the mix which makes it good to listen too, but in my opinion the drums sound a little disconnected to the rest of the track, they’re almost too loud and clean. But overall, I do actually really like the
    haunting aspect of the track, and it has good harmonies and melodies throughout.

  13. This song starts with a guitar solo that reminds me of the band nirvana. The vocalist has a pretty calm and soft voice. The lyrics talk about burning bridges quite a lot. This song might be good for a movie or music video.

  14. This is a well performed selection both vocally and instrumentally. The instrumentals are well balanced, strong and consistent. The vocals are powerful and strong. The singer’s voice is rhaspy and the perfect tone for this genre of songs. He sings with feeling and is very expressive with his lyrics. Commercially this band and song could do quite well.

  15. Good solid effort,neat vocals,the lead singer leaves you guessing as to which direction the song is going to take,which is all part of the fun of it and adds mystery.The lead singer reminds me very much of Michael Stipe from REM.The lead singer gives this song a very much of a dramatic effect and sounds genuinely angry when he’s sing the bridges we burn,while the electric guitars play flawlessly.A good song and well produced heavy written lyrics and the banging of the loud drums making this a true rock classics like 90’s Nirvana style.Well done

  16. The artist can dig deeper. The instrumental creates a great platform for the listeners
    attention, but I feel the lyrics are missing here. On the flip side there’s passion behind what is said, so the lyrics can be overlooked. If the repetitiveness was removed I my response to this song would change.

  17. The guitar intro is very classic. I like how the drums come in and just gives the track life. However, the screaming, could be said as backing vocals, singing the one line, “when the bridges we burn”, that bit is pretty good.

  18. It starts off with that slow tempo and it gets you in the setting like you’re in a dusty sports bar. The singing is good; it reminded me of Hozier. The song didn’t have many changes in the terms of verses, choruses, or the bridge. The rhythm was steady and didn’t change much. The song bored me a bit, but it wasn’t too bad.

  19. This is a very positive song,and you can tell from the first ten seconds that this song is great.Everything in this song falls into place and beat matches the lyrics great.The tone of the singer shows the depression and the beat shows the darkness surrounding the singer,which is great as you can understand better.With all these falling into place you are able to understand the moral of the story,and can acknowledge the fact that the song itself is great.I have to rate this song a eight out of ten.

  20. The tune begins off with a cadenced and captivating tone. I feel urged to hear it out. The vocalist has a fairly dynamic voice and it has in number vocal projection. The melody is very incredible, the pitch range differs, making it rich and captivating for me. The song doubtlessly is proficient and imaginative. i discover it to a great song and the artist has ability to good more in future tracks.

  21. Half expected it to break into some early-90’s grunge. The low-key guitar is wonderful, nostalgic even. The vocal range needs some more variety on the early “bridges we burn”. Also could do with a little more bass, it almost sounds mono during the drum splashes. Lacking that full-stereo sound that I think this song deserves.

  22. This songs message conveyed through the lyrics was very relatable. The beat was very enjoyable. The melody is nice but very repetitive. The harmony was cool but slightly odd. However, this song could get popular in certain areas of America I think.

  23. This is a good and nice song to listen to at any time of the day. Its a fun thing to listen to. The elements of the song correspond well with the lyrics and instrumental. I really enjoy this song. It has a nice tune to it and has a good variety of different instruments in the beat. This song should and possibly will be a big hit. This song has a lot of true details that he explains. The artist should really become a big seller of albums. This is one of the very best songs I’ve ever
    heard. This is a all time favorite honestly. The lyrics is very good part of the song and he has very intelligent vocabulary. This artist is very talented in my eyes.

  24. I can imagine this being played when people are travelling across the country, so well done for creating a very creative and detailed mental image. I think in my own opinion this piece could use some more instruments and maybe a bit of confidence towards the chorus. On the lighter side, the guitar is the perfect instrument for this piece and theme, and the music played along with the guitar make this instrumental a match made in heaven. Again nice work and continue making excellent work.

  25. I remember this song, a lot I loved this song when it came out. but just a bit too old school. the chorus is really understandable I really like a song. its a mix between love and rock. Its a weird mix but I like it. It needs a bit more beet to it though.

  26. The slowness and bass and drum of the music comes across clearly, and works well with the style of singing. I think that the singing should still be louder than the bass and main tune though. The chorus is catchy, and there is a good use of dynamics. I would also suggest that the chorus should not be used to much , and that the shouting part should be dialed down, as it disrupts the flow of the music.

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