Wormhole’s Song Ancient released on Hooves of the Ibex

Worhmole, Park Theater

Wormhole’s Song Ancient was released on their debut album Hooves of the Ibex

33 thoughts on “Wormhole’s Song Ancient released on Hooves of the Ibex

  1. Very low and increased bass at the beginning of the song really got me in the mood of
    listening to the rest of it. The guitar in the background was the main instrument that stuck out to
    me. Also, the drums were a little loud to show the attention that they needed. The vocals in
    the song are calm and soothing to the ear. I really like the guitar solo towards the end of the
    song. The amount of singing that the vocalist shows, was the perfect amount.

  2. The start gives me a draggy, mopey sort of feeling , but I kind of like that. The beat gets off a
    delusional feel during the verse. The singer could be a bit more clean and stronger. However
    the emotion and pain is good. I don’t know much about the potential. The only place I could
    see this at a local club for bands to showcase their work. It has sort of a darkness to it. The
    recording sounds clean and good. The lyrics are a bit questionable. Not sure what they are
    talking of.

  3. This track has a guitar with a light phaser quality about it. The drums have a decent sound in
    them. There is a slightly psychedelic sounding quality about the track. The vocals are
    delivered passionately, the bassline is good in the tune as well. The track features some
    good dynamics with lots of changes in it, the guitar really makes the sound quality.

  4. The drums are sick. Keep up the good job with that. Guitar is sweet it goes very well with the
    drums. I think you need to be meaner with this kind of music.
    I think you have a little more to do to imperfect it. But you are on the right track. Keep it up.

  5. The introduction starts off pretty slow, Maybe a slow rock song? His voice isn’t bad but its a
    little hard to understand what hes saying with the music playing, The best part of this song is
    probably the wide range in musical instruments and the guitarist is very good. The chorus is
    pretty catchy, all together a pretty good song keep putting out songs guys.

  6. This beginning to this song reminded me right away of David Bowie, which is great! The voice
    is too low and I cannot hear the singer or lyrics that well over the music being played in the
    background. The lyrics are repeated a bit too much, which can get boring after awhile.
    Instruments are a bit loud, but I would think this song would be played on the radio and many
    people would like the music.

  7. I find the intro to be very moving because it captured my attention. The tone and harmonies
    were energetic. Rhythm was atmospheric. Instruments have a playful tune. Lyrics are easy to
    sing to. Recording quality really made the song simple. The song needs to be promoted ont
    the radio and in music videos.

  8. This is a cool tune that has a great vibe. The music unfolds with a concert style performance
    that is amazing. The music is uptempo and the band play is great. The music is upbeat with a great flow
    that is lively its the kind of tune that has a bar presence.

  9. While I am instantly thinking this is a bad recording at someone band practice, there is a
    certain something about it. Making believe if the song was produced and recorded properly it
    might relly be amazing. There is a fret level of harmony among the band members the blends
    together in a nice but novice kind of way.

  10. High quality guitar and instrumental work, with notes that are emotional, moody, and connects
    with the listener. Well written rock lyrics with the vocals, and instruments kept in focus. The
    delivery of the lead vocals is top notch, with a smooth, clear, concise sound that interplay
    with the excellent guitar work. This reviewer enjoyed the solos, rifts, and tempo of the guitar,
    an under utilized instrument in today’s rock scene. Studio recording quality is of a
    professional level, with clear sounds that can be played on any listening device, and
    volumes. Reminded of the nineties rock scene, with smokey clubs that played to the bursting
    indie scene, and the fans who followed these acts. Well done, and should be received well
    by rock fans. If material was lengthened along the likes of Sweet Child of Mine, Stairway to
    Heaven, could become a rock classic. Looking forward to more material from this artist, and
    the growth.

  11. Drums and guitar create a great sound in this track. The mans voice sounds awesome in this track, and matches with the beat really well. Unique song that sounds different from many other songs. Then there is a guitar and drums duet which is cool and spectacular sound. The singing is sung at different paces and tones which make the song different.

  12. Love the drums to start the song out they were a good choice to help you out. the tone and tempo are set right off the bat to the speed you can follow throughout the whole song. Your instruments are there and keep the tone at a pace set off from your melody of singing. You are good at what you do so keep it that way just work on getting your voice to match with your music set forth. If you both work together then i dont see why this wont be a number one song in the future. stay on track and you will go far.

  13. Strong instrumental intro – something sounds a bit off key but the guitar is a powerful instrument and lends to the genre of the track. Vocals are interesting and have a certain 80’s vibe to them. It would be nice to hear more of it and without the instruments distracting from it. The instruments are overpowering and mean that listeners cannot easily hear the lyrics. However, I really like the instrumental melodies, it is certainly a unique song unlike any that are out in the music
    industry at the moment

  14. The beginning of this song had an instrumental that I thought had a nice sound, although it was a bit familiar sounding, which I didn’t really care too much for. The lyrics were okay, but could be written with more structure. They weren’t as complex as they needed to be to give the song more depth. The instrumental for this song sounded a little creepy, but I think it goes well with the lyrics.

  15. The lead guitar at the beginning of the song is strong. The band is really playing together and catching the attention of the listener. The guitar solo part was good.

  16. Strong and deep begining,impressed me.Vocal abilities of the singer are very rich,impressive and dynamic.Melody is really thought provoking wich is very impotent for me.recording and perfomance quality are high.Artist is very natural and competent.So this song have everything that required to be 100% hit

  17. guitar in the background. It’s not too repetitive
    and has a nice beat. The words are kind of random. “Why does it rain here?” is a very good chorus line.

  18. From the beginning the song didn’t really catch my attention. I think the vocals are pretty good and the music is okay. I think the music it’s self lacking contrast. how ever the song is original and creative. The song does have some good musical qualities it’s a quite tuneful song.

  19. I like the vocals. The song could really use some more instrumental variety and some louder and more various amounts of percussions and drums. But the rhythm is super duper cool and you stayed on beat and in tune with the music. The song could also use a less prompt ending. You get it? But a wonderful song and I like it. Potential is there, yes.

  20. I really liked the slow background. It really influenced the song a lot. The tempo was really good on this song. The beat was slow in the beginning, and it started to begin fast on the middle. I really liked the dynamics in this song because It was sometimes fast, and sometimes slow. I would really like to hear more of these guys, because they are really good and they add a lot of texture to their song.

  21. The introduction is really mellow. I like the transitions between beats and patterns. I think laying off so much drums during the solo would be interesting. I like the “ooohhh” in the background. The part before it changes scale (guitar) is really cool. Voice isn’t bad either.

  22. This song was kind of depressing. I didn’t really understand the lyrics. He didn’t really prove himself to me. I have so many questions. To ask about this song. It took me too a dark place. The background music was ok, it should have been more of a faster tempo bike cause the lyrics he was saying didn’t sound as if it was to come out so slow, like the way he sang this song. He needs to make the lyrics more understandable, more touching to his audience. Slow the beats down in the song and maybe even use more instruments.

  23. Nice sound with the music,has a good rock sound mixed with country. The music seems to
    have the rain affect to it in the background,matches the words to the song,unique. The artist is good,he is a young Jim Morrison,the song is different and good. i would listen to the song on the radio. I think he has a good chance getting noticed

    1. Just to let you know, lyrics don’t mean annyhitg to a musician. So by asking somone to write the guitar to lyrics, you are pretty much asking them to write the entire song for you. Lyrics don’t indicate rhythm, the key, or annyhitg actually related to musical notation. So without offering a melody, you won’t get much help. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

  24. I like the guitar melody. Reminds me of a slow, easygoing rock and roll alternative mix. The lyrics are put together well and mixes nicely with the instrumental piece as well. This style is unique yet the lyrics aren’t exactly memorable and my detract from a bulk of the public audience. However, I give this song 8 out of 10 for creativity.

  25. A decisive and forceful guitar introduction, which made me tap my foot. It has a raw edgy sound to the guitar, which I like. I like the deep notes that I’m hearing from the guitar. The guitar goes well with the strong male voice for a mid range tone of notes. However I have to listen hard to his lyrics once the enthusiastic drummer beats the cymbals. This sounds very stripped back to the bear essentials. The excitement and enthusiasm of the music mirrors his questioning lyrics. A cool and distinctive sounding guitar solo showcases the talents. The vocals are more interesting than melodic. His voice matches the expressive tone and nature
    of the music. His style is consistent from start to end, but a lot of the lyrics were lost on me and I felt I was focusing more on the guitar.

  26. I am in love. The lyric arrangements and harmony are nice. However, it is sort of difficult to hear the lyrics because the background music is loud. Maybe try to add some power into your vocals. The instrumentals however are fine on their own as well. The harmony makes me feel very relaxed (is that weird!?). But overall, try to balance the vocals and

  27. This song has potential. I think it should take a more uptempo route otherwise the progressive intro goes to waste. I’m not a big fan of the lyrics, needs more meaning. Instruments provide great support. I think if this song was more up tempo, it would be a lot better.

  28. I like the acoustics, sounds different than other tracks. The choice of instruments was great and thoughtful. His voice is in great tune. I enjoy this beat very much. He sings at a good pace, not to fast and not to slow. This is very understandable for the listeners. i would listen to this again.

  29. The begging of the song was good the base is amazing with good instrument in it. The song is good the lyrics are different and the voice is lovely and old Fashion he makes the words feel more meaningful. I would love to listen to this song again and have it played in a fancy restaurant.

  30. I like how the instruments at the beginnning hit you from the start. The instrumentals are very smooth and moving as I continue to listen to them. The vocals are more of yelling while the instruments are soft and smooth. Also the lyrics seem as if they are dedicated to someone and this is not the kind of song that you should be serenading to a girl

  31. lyrics could be a bit more defined hard to understand with al of the other instruments. It seems a bit cluttered the guitar works well but if there was less snare it might pull the piece together better. Also there’s an excess amount of cymbals, it does have a nice effect but if it was spaced out more better it might sound better.

  32. Opening guitar and instruments sound very unique- and catch the viewers ear very well. The main vocalists voice is a little too quiet, but not so much where it is unpleasant. Lyrically, it is a bit hard to understand what the singer is saying. I’d recommend including backing vocals to add a vibrant harmony to the song. As an 80’s rock style song, the piece has great instrumental but the main vocalist just needs to focus on improving their voice and adding in harmony to counteract the slightly dull melody.

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