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  1. I really like the tempo and rhythm of the melody on this song, it’s well-performed with good synchronicity between singer and musicians with a Red Hot Chilli Peppers-like energy. The vocals are really like Antony from RHCP in style (perhaps he was an inspiration?) and have a very strong energy and emotion to them that brings home the emotion and intent. I also like the change in tempo towards the last third of the song (I miss the time counter on the player) – it forms a nice bridge piece.

  2. I like the electric guitar intro and it has a slightly finky feel to it. This remains as the bassline almost throughout the first forty seconds and is played very well. For this reason after
    the forty second mark the song changes style completely to a more heavy metal style and the artist shouts the vocals more than singing, which is probably where his vocals lay. After this the song changes back to the funkier feel of the lead guitar intro, which just started to confuse me. This song was all over the place throughout and had no clear identity or direction so it is difficult to place. It would not be surprised if they have been heavily influenced by the likes of Limp Bizkit as their is a heavy link to their music. The song kept
    flicking between a heavier metal style, and a more soft rock/funky style throughout. I think the band need to decide what their style of music is going to be and stick to that as this doesn’t work. I think they will attract different sets of fans who like different parts of the song, but there may be a lack of people who like the song all the way through. This may make it difficult for the band to garner enough fans to sell albums to, as there is no specific fit for the music, so no-one would really know what to expect from it.

  3. Good track. I like the contemporary and rock feel that is within the song. This song really
    stands out because it has a nice beat and it is appealing. The singer is entertaining and
    makes the song come alive. I think this group has a lot of potential they would captivate the
    rock fans, rap fans, and the fans that are in contemporary music. There is a lot going on in
    this song, it’s very diverse and unique I love it.

  4. This beginning almost sounded as if it were a blues song. The style turned in to an almost
    Red Hot Chili Peppers song. The music and vocals were changed to a heavier guitar and
    faster genre. The song had a great variety of changes. I heard in this song that it was very
    well put together and different sounds put in to one.

  5. What with you giving me songs that should be for a 1970’s cop drama about two buddy
    cops. I am not a fan of the classic rock at all. Any who, I guess if that is the theme you were
    going for, congrats because that is exactly what you first six seconds of musical integrity has
    gotten you. Good for you. Okay some positives is that bass line harmony. You go, because I
    love a good bass line. The guitar was okay nothing new but nothing bad. I would have
    preferred a more complex melody to accompany the integrity of your bass line. The
    percussion is smooth and nice. The vocals are a surprising factor to me. The vocal melody is
    vastly different from the actual melody. Okay this song went from 0 to 10 in a matter of
    seconds. I don’t even know what happened. All of a sudden everything changed. It went from
    1970’s bad jazz to 1970’s I’m going to start a band in my mother’s house. It wasn’t bad. I
    actually liked the key change, the chord progression change and overall composition change.
    Keep up the good work with that. I am, however, taking off points for lack of clarity and good
    lyrics. I think that the artist did not put time into his lyrics. There were unimaginative. Seriously,
    high school children could write better lyrics. Overall, the composition of this number is bland
    at best. The introduction started off boring but picked up pace in the middle, and then it really
    did not leave a positive impression on me. Sorry.

  6. I like the deep sounding beat to this tune. The singer’s voice sounds somewhat lighter than
    the beat and the contrast is interesting. Once the background singers join in this song
    becomes heavier and more rock oriented. At one point, many of the background singers stop
    singing all you can hear is the whisper of one of the background singers and the lead singer
    singing to the music. This song is creative in that the singers are always taking turns. I think this
    tune would sound so much better if it had more melody and it was a little more consistent in
    its structure.

  7. I like the beats in the song, the down beats, the fact that it speeds up as it goes on. I also love
    how the lead singer is able to go from a gravely voice to a smooth voice. Let’s see where this
    will take us. They slow back down the beats and able to switch back and forth smooth going

  8. This electric guitarist needs to learn to pick better, so the sound is not as prevalent in the
    track. Unless of course that is the sound he’s going for, than by all means. The lyrics are
    repetitive, the style suddenly changes from a funk feel to a hip hop/rock feel. The singer
    sounds similar to the lead singer of Rage Against The Machine. Honestly he should have
    stuck with that style all the way through. The vocals need to cut through the mix better. The
    whispers in the background seem more crispy than the lead vocals. Overall the track is
    decent, I probably wouldn’t listen again. It didn’t keep my attention. It needs more originality
    and more flavor. Perhaps more instruments.

  9. A nice groove too start the track off. A nice bass and drums working together groove. It’s a
    very red Hot Chili Peppers sort of style. Sort of takes a poor segue into a heavy section. the
    transition needs to be much smoother there. The vocals are good and the hook is not bad.
    The arrangement tends to go all over the place a bit too much. I think you have to watch how
    you go from segment to the other. It’s a bit too abrupt right now and almost sounds like two
    songs strung together. Still I like the track.

  10. Drum sound was very unique and professionally played, this commenced the song in a very
    professional manner. Singer definitely have some potentials as they sounded very good.
    However, I don’t noticed too many roughness in this song due to inconsistent tempo and
    vocals weren’t perfectly timed with so many voices in the back, this made the song very
    unstable. Not a bad song entirely, although I’m not fully impressed with the concept.

  11. Listening to this track first off, the backing track sounds like something country with a mix of
    rock. This sounds like something reminiscent of a mix of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Gary
    Numan, but upon hearing the chorus, this is not a track that I would listen to personally
    because it goes full-on rock. The lyrics have a =n abundance of originality, and the voice of
    the lead vocalist coupled with the backup vocalists sound unique, yet blend well. The rhythm
    is fast-paced, the melody is lacking in the middle, and the track seems to be all over the
    place. The backing track is overwhelming at parts.

  12. The song begins with a smooth, funky guitar riff which is always a good way to start a song.
    The guitar riff is well shaped and well played. The instruments are well balanced, with nothing
    being particularly overpowering, despite all the instruments themselves being very powerful.
    The rhythm is rather dynamic and changes quite a lot. It does sound good in all it’s iterations,
    and the lead guitarist displays their talents impressively in this song. The bass guitar is
    probably the most catchy part of the accompaniment, and is particularly visible on the
    instrumental outro, which is the musical highlight of the song. The singer’s voice is just as
    smooth and dynamic as the guitar playing, and he has a wide range of styles too, as the
    song demonstrates. He can alter his pitch seamlessly, and sounds very professional and
    talented, with his tone and pitch being appropriate on all parts of the song. Overall, a great
    piece that is played with real competence and passion. all members of the band are very
    talented, and it was a pleasure to listen to them all play. I think the group could have a future
    in the music industry, as I’d definitely be interested in hearing more from them, and I’m sure
    others will too.

  13. 4 A really bluesy and foot tapping style song. Really enjoyable beat and the instrumental is the
    best aspect of the song, which has a few tempo changes that I thought managed to keep it
    from becoming to monotonous. The chorus is actually quite good, its catchy, and I
    do appreciate the jamming and garage rock feel the whole song has, but I found most of it
    annoying or lifeless for the most part. The lyrics are at best amusing. The vocals go from raw
    and edgy to try hard. The mixed of different vocal styles are a bit too much. I’d preferred a
    more straight performance. The production isn’t great, a bit flat. Could use some work in that
    avenue too.

  14. The introduction beat instantly has you bobbing your head and once again this guy sounds
    like the red hot chili peppers! I heard some if your music yesterday and i think it sounds great,
    The voice changing into more of a hardcore voice is my only problem with the song. The
    back round music is great, the band sounds awesome. All together great!

  15. A grinding of guitar and bash of drums twirl in the sticky air. A male sings in a rich fast robust
    way. The notes are crashing as his words flow. It is a good song for love. Then it gets hard
    rocking with shouts of the lead singer. It is a song for the concert hall of metal heads. It is
    pretty good.

  16. A quality bassline opens this track up. The toms on the drums have a good sound to them.
    The vocals have a decent delivery about them. There is some good syncing of the bass and
    the drums. The chorus takes more of a punk rock direction to it, there are some dynamic
    changes in the song.

  17. I like the confident, easy-going singing style of the lead vocalist. It makes the song start with a
    very welcoming air that really draws me in. The way the song transcends into a much heavier
    intensity adds further intrigue and gives it more depth. It really brings out the meanings of the
    lyrics with its passionate expression in both the music tempo and the vocals. I would
    definitely recommend this song. My only suggestion would be that the wording could be a bit
    more free-flowing and in sync with the tune better.

  18. A fairly positive beat to the introduction of the song. Would have been better if more
    instruments were involved in the introduction. the vocals are brilliant, i love the way you lure
    people in with your soft tone during the verses and than when the chorus comes your voice
    really comes to life. The lyrics are good, but with the tone of the chorus it would have been
    great to have some catchy lyrics to go with it. The melody of the song could do with a few
    instruments used and the drums need toning down or at least mixed up a little bit with the

  19. The beat starts strong, accompanied by the rhythm from an electric guitar. The lyrics
    introduce themselves fluidly with the instruments. The song moves from smooth to a forte of
    energy. The song expresses anger at the asking of questions. The feelings are not to be
    reckoned with malice at hand. Then it eases into a leery feel. The music ebbs and beats with

  20. A nice edgy song with a smooth vocalist and good and interesting lyrics as if the singer is
    singing a story to the listener.Good drum beat that has a nice smooth style.I like the way the
    track gets heavier and turns almost into a rock track with the use of heavy sounding electric
    guitar,that can remind you a bit of Red Hot Chilli Peppers.I like the style of the song and that
    the beat gets faster as it goes on,with a talented vocalist that manages to keep up with it
    all.Good song,deserves to be a success,has an edge that you dobn’t get with modern rock
    songs these days,and have never heard another singer before that sounds like Anthony
    Kiedis.I like the way the singer shouts half way through the song,good use of the electric guitar
    and the musicians do a brilliant job in keeping to time with everything.This track is going to go
    along way especially with rock fans as this is the genre this music is aimed at.Lyrics are well
    written and well expressed,in a style I haven’t heard for a long time.The instumentation at the
    end is very smooth giving the song a stylish finish and lets the very talented musicians shine.

  21. Cool song.I think it whould have huge potencial.I try to explain why.Its have nice melody,cool
    rythm from the begining.Intersting lyrics ,for me they are really original,deep and
    clever.Wonna say a few words about perfomance and recording quality- everything is
    cool.So this song is very rhytmic,atmospheric, and solid

  22. nice guitar and drum sounds from the beginning. it has nice up beat sounds. but not sure what
    this artist is singing about. hmmm, this is insteresting. artist changed singing style in middle of
    the song. I’m not sure what he is singing about though. really can’t hear his voice clearly. but it
    has nice beats.

  23. nice guitar intro the drums are very clean . sounds like some funky jam band . slash rock
    metal rap . all mixed in to one . the lyrics are good and jamming . and his voice sounds good .
    good speed , good tempo , really well mixed song . i like the mix of the steel drums and real
    drums mixed . good sound . over all its a good jam and i could jam to it

  24. The start of this song was a great entrance with some lyrics busting in with great voices. The
    backing track and the beats got me into this song lots and i dont even listen to this type of
    music. Once this song got a bit ‘meatly’ i started getting a bit off liking the song, the song could
    of been better without shouting as much. But overall it sounds great especially the last of it.

  25. interesting start. Niece mixture of instruments with sounds and beat on key. The singer has a
    good tune of voice but I think he should pick another song better suited for his voice and
    sound of voice. This sound message in the words are well put together. The beat keeps till
    the end making it a nice song for dancing and jumping around. The recording quality is good,
    till the very end.

  26. i like the beat in the beginning of the song and the pitch of your voice. the BPM is terrific and
    powerful. i like how you add more than on instrument at a time. you sound like you are
    screaming which is not good. and everything sounds out of order in the song and all over the
    place so i would fix it. but i do love the beat at the end of the song.

  27. The rhythm of this song is good. The variations on the beat and the rhythm make it unique.
    The song intensity changes quite rapidly and the yet it’s pretty effortless and works really
    well. The intensity is matched well with the different vocal qualities. I really like the whispering
    echo in the background in the middle of the song. I feel like I’m going on an interesting rollercoaster.
    The speeding up near the end is very effective. The whole song is performed with a
    lot of commitment and conviction, that it makes me want to listen to it, even though I’m
    personally not a fan of this type of music. I enjoyed it. I can imagine listening to this on the
    radio, which plays this specific type of music.
    Rating: 9 DabadabaDO! This song reminds me of Scooby Doo for absolutely unknown reasons!
    Anyway this song is pretty good, especially if your having mood swings because then it can
    help you stay calm and positive, the vocals of the artist is pretty good but the instrumental is
    just awesome and i really think this is one of the best ive heard on here!! So i would leave
    this song with a 9/10!

  28. yay it is a pop and country song right? I think this would be a great dancing song. and the part
    where he sings “where a pop where see ” is my favorite and when he starts to rock out to it I
    was like this is my jam. I thought it sounded country at first but I realize it actually pop.

  29. I like the guitar in the beginning of this song. It has a bit of a red hot chili peppers vibe to it. I like
    the ska elements of this song. It reminds me a lot of the song Dani California. I like the heavy
    bass in this song. It’s a really nice song to listen to. The chorus doesn’t exactly go with the rest
    of the song in my opinion.

  30. If you told me that you guys weren’t into the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage against the
    machine, I would ask you to stop lying to me. Not that that’s a bad thing, but there’s an
    obvious Chili Peppers influence on the verse, and then it goes all Rage on me. I kind of like it,
    and bands have shown that it’s not such a crime to wear your influences on your sleeve. The
    vocals are solid, the song is good, I liked the lyrics. The recording quality is pretty good, but I
    don’t think it’s radio quality. The drummer is solid and the bass player is tight as well, and the
    guitar player definitely has some skills. It’s a good song, I just couldn’t see it being a hit. The
    hook isn’t strong enough, maybe in the early 90s it would have had a better shot. I still liked it
    though, and wouldn’t turn it off my radio. It’s a well written song, and the arrangement is good.
    There aren’t any harmonies really, so no need to mention those.

  31. I enjoy this song because of the beginning part that happens. The way that the guitar is
    strummed continues throughout the song. The lyric that says take me to the level is a good
    lyric. The part where he says to the place over and over are nice lyrics and this song is quite
    catchy. I also can enjoy the part of the song in which the voice raises and it is almost
    screaming. This is an impressive song for those reasons. In some way I wonder why there
    can’t be a bit more screaming in the song but I understand it is a fusion.

  32. The lyrics are descriptive, meaningful, and powerful. the vocals are amazing, clear and the
    best you will find anywhere in the world. Thanks for sending this amazing message to the
    world and making my day, i love this song and wanna know the name of it, so i can google it
    and put it on replay

  33. Started with a rock instrumental. Vocalist had a very unoriginal voice and the chorus was very
    repetitive. But then surprisingly the song changed completely in its tempo and the whole song
    picked up speed. The song became very interesting and I started to enjoy it. This song would
    do well on a rock station, the instrumental accompaniment was at the perfect tone and
    speed. The tempo slowed down again and kept up the changes. The song was very long
    though, and started dragging on as the end came near. If the song was shortened and
    simpler it would be better than it is now. But it did have some great musical qualities to it.

  34. Intro sets the stage well without just jumping into the deep end. Vocals are interesting, slightly
    unique and almost tangy style which I think integrates well with the instruments. Melody is
    strong, simple and engaging; hooks you in early on and is quite memorable. Doesn’t sound
    too cluttered with only a few instruments keeping the song focused. Lyrics seems suitable.
    Song really grows on you quickly, already loving it by about 100 secs in. Sound effects fit in
    well with the vocals and overall song sounds dynamic and exciting. The guitar in particular is
    the real star, simple but really effective. Overall a really good song and hard to think of
    anything to really improve on. Sounds like talented vocalist and guitar player. Would definitely
    buy if offered.

  35. A very funky rhythmic introduction, who h grabbed my attention. Cool smooth and clear male
    vocalist contrasts with the loud energetic chorus. A creative contrast throughout. Loud
    percussion cymbal works well against the bass guitar. A rich thumping bass sounded dark
    but rich and dynamic, and set the tone throughout the fast paced track. There are deep
    authentic original sounds here, ehich seem to be more of the focus than the lyrics. Some
    lyrics are lost and I found the lyrics difficult to follow, possibly competing against the music.
    This reminds me of a lot of retro cross over tracks. Good guitar solo with a raw edgy sound,
    which I consider to be the highlight of the track. A chaotic vibe as heard building to a climax in
    their creation both in the chorus and at the end of the track. I consider the music composition
    and production to be better than the vocals. There is a lot of potential to be nurtured, but do
    please focus on clarity of the vocals so they work together with, not against the music.

  36. This song start’s off really upbeat, high pitch and tone. The singing is good in this song, not too
    fast and it is realty nice to listen to. Very nice beat that makes you feel like happy, and it is a
    great rhythm to listen to it is really good The singing in this song is great and catchy if you
    know the lyrics, and the beat goes really well with the song and the upbeat tempo, pitch and
    the whole song.

  37. this song is a excellent creations. it’s the meeting place of 3 music types. classic, rock & rap.
    it’s a very brilliant idea and I’ve never seen this kind of mix. this a very successful mission. i
    can tell that. music is the thing that keep this alive specially the acoustic drums, bass and
    lead guitars. it’s a perfect mix. there are lot of places that plays classic vocal part. the rock
    part is so great so the rap. adding these two parts will definitely pull this to the top. lyrics are
    so thought-provoking.

  38. The song starts out with clever deep rhythm.The artist has distinctive vocals that produce a
    rich warm tone. The beat of this song has a strong and tuneful effect throughout the song. It’s
    a very vibrant performance , full of confidence, style and flair. The performance quality is
    very engaging with the structure of the active and changing tones to the rhythm. The recording
    quality is captivating, with rich sound produced by the solo of instruments.The overall
    performance of this song is brilliant. With a Performance like this, the song is well on its way
    to making it big.

  39. I think this a great balance with the artist and this album. I didn’t really hear what I would
    expect. Nevertheless I like the beat of the drums. The instrumentals I hear are very upbeat
    and high speed. For me this is nothing new for me. I believe I have listen to this artist before. It
    doesn’t make me mad. The message of this makes me want to think. Thoughts come to the
    mind of being in thier struggle. Of course you can relate to this atrist. For me atrist has great

  40. I liked it a lot. Very harmonic. Good vocals and soft to listen. I really enjoyed the beginning but
    afterwards it turned a little bit hard and the harmony was kind of lost. It became difficult to
    continue listening once all the instruments were playing. Vocals at the start were soft and
    nicer. In the middle and towards the end, the track was kind of difficult to follow.

  41. Not a bad song. Beat is good and it sounds nice. I think he is trying to hard to turn this into like
    a punk or rock song. It just keeps changing. He needs to make up hismind on what genre his
    music is going to be. If his plan was to confuse the listeners then he did a great job. I don’t
    know what im listening to anymore.

  42. This track has a unique sounding intro with a good range oof instruments that work well
    together. As the track progresses tho, it seems a little confused as to what it wants to be. The
    vocals are good and the lyrics are well put together just not sure it works over the music. For
    this track I think the artist needs to pick one style and stick with it, the potential is there, just
    needs to bring it back to basics. Enjoyable but a little confusing.

  43. The song started quickly and I like that, because you don’t have to wait to the middle of the
    song just for some action. Instruments are pretty good, the singer ain’t bad. Maybe the lyrics
    aren’t ideal, but it’s opinional. I don’t listen to metal, but I would recommend this song to
    people with this style of music.

  44. The beat is very catchy. The lyrics stand out to me because sometimes I wanna be taken to
    another place. The lyrics got kind of explicit during the chorus. I like the verse more than the
    chorus because it was more chill and mellow. The beginning made me want to go sit in a
    room and think but the chorus made me want to break something lol. Overall really nice song
    definitely would recommend.

  45. I love the part of this song when it gets upbeat! The instrumentals are great and really
    energizing. The lyrics were great and the melody was pretty cool too! The harmony was
    awesome and I really enjoyed this. There was a lot of variation with the beat and instrumental
    parts. Overall I think this song could get popular but I couldn’t imagine this on a commercial.

  46. I like the song, The song speeds up, the song slows down, it varies I like songs that varies in
    speed. I like it because its not a song that screams 24/7 but it isn’t a slow song, so the only
    thing wrong with it is the speed varies a bit too much

  47. Almost a funky beginning with the drums and lyrics make it outstanding. The guitar is really
    killing it then comes a semi fast paced bass lines with drums doing some stecato hit really
    compliment the song. The rythm changes on this track is really amazing. The guitar tone
    seems a little rough on the distortion but good nonetheless. The aggressive lyrics sound top.
    That softer tone for the guitar solo is something outta this world

  48. Reminds me of Red Hot Chili Peppers, but a little more metal or hardcore. A definite selling
    potential for that crowd. I would definitely give their other songs a listen to, as I like the artists
    voice, and their drummer is fantastic. They also range in giving the artists, guitar and drums
    their own solos and its refreshing to hear! Awesome song!

  49. The song is great . I like the song is catchy the artist has a nice voice . vocals is on point. The
    beat is sick . the background instrument is on beat too. I love this type of music. I would
    recommend this song too people too. The song is hype too can get you going . the rythem is
    awesune too. The quality is great on this song . I love it . I rank it a ten too.

  50. The several music is very funny to hear. I fell in love with his voice!! The lyrics is very heavy. I
    can literally understand all he sang.. Its like country and pop together which is so nice. The
    guitar is very fabulous . The song is catchy i can sing it all day jamming out to his voice. haha.
    But l i LOVE THIS SONG SOOO MUCH. At the end of the music his voice get softer which i
    love. Its like the first is punk rock then the last part of it is like so soft. He knows how to make
    some talented music!

  51. It has an amazing beat and has a very very good tone. This song could go on the market
    quite well and it is very clear and concise. Rock is a very popular song genre and could go
    go on the market. You could improve it by making it less loud and slow it down a bit.
    However, overall this song is very well written and understandable. You could put this to the
    market and gain a lot of money!

  52. I love the percussion. His voice grabs my attention. Such a good combination between artist
    and production, but I feel the electric guitar that comes in later in the song really switches up
    the mood and somewhat throws my attention off. This song could be several songs, the way
    the tempo and instrumental changes up so periodically. One suggestion would be to keep
    focus and not change the beat so much. Sometimes complexity takes away from listening to
    a potentially great song. It definitely has potential though.

  53. Pretty Good Instrumentals, and nice soft vocals, that accelerate at a quick rate. Sounds very
    similar to Red Hot Chili Peppers. Then they bring in a more hardcore chorus, almost like a
    beastie boys sound. Overall the music flows pretty well together and it’s a nice track to listen
    to while rolling down the road in you Chevy Blazer with the windows down, eating some
    chicken wings.

  54. I am not sure what the genre of this song is. If that is an artistic choice, you did it really well. I
    am enjoying listening to it for its sheer novelty. It feels like the band took 3 different ideas and
    made them one song. I like each one individually, but they do feel a little disjointed. However,
    with a bit more warning, perhaps a second guitar giving a new harmony as a warning, it can
    go really well. For example the fourth major shift you have, it transitioned really smoothly. I
    love how you have your background singers going in different earphones. Definitely raises
    the tension in the song. The final part of the song right after

  55. This music has A good beat.I don not really like the lyrics.It sounds like a rock song at
    first.Then turn into a changes to pop then back to sounds like there is lots of different
    instruments playing at different times through the song.I do not think this song will appeal to
    the modern day. I am going to give this track a 7 out of 10

  56. Love the guitar love the vocals sounds kinda like swing music . Was not expecting the change
    in the feel of the music about 20 section in. Not something i would by. sounds like the red hot
    chill peppers. Love the middle of the song tho. Not a fan of the lyrics tho. limp biskit wont a be
    . My be good for a sound track of some kind.

  57. The rhythm of the song is fun to listen to at the beginning. The electric guitar is good and not
    too exciting like a lot of song with electric guitars. The drumming sets the beat good at the
    beginning, and the singing has a good style. I do not like the words of this song. Later in the
    song the electric guitar starts to be unnecessarily loud. I like this song at the beginning but
    later in the song it starts to be a little obnoxious, then even later in the song it gets less

  58. Really nice intro, beat is very cool and jazzy. Lyrics are cool and the voice is perfect. The
    drums are awesome. I like the repetition of the lyrics and beat. Guitar is very well played. I
    love this song!Played on a loud volume could get lots of people hyped…

  59. The melody and other instument parts were really good, I liked how it changed tempo a lot, it
    gave the song some texture. The singing was pretty good, but the lyrics were really repetitive,
    you should try to write a couple verses, because the whole song sounded like just one big
    chorus. So just work on the singing and lyrical section of the song because everything else
    was perfect! Good work 🙂

  60. At the first listen of this song, I had already found myself tapping my fingers to the beat. This
    gives me the type of vibe usually produced by the band “Franz Ferdinand” almost nearing a
    screamo tone. The instruments are well put together, not sounding too unnatural and still
    pleasing to the ears. I would definitely like to find more music by this artist.

  61. The song has very good rhythm and flow. Coupled with the fantastic tempo and bass. I loved
    the vocals they were very full of emotion and i could feel the intensity of the singer, The lyrics
    really spoke to me and i related to them very well. My little sister at one point even came into
    the room and commented on how much she liked the song.

  62. I feel like how the guitar is being played and the voice singing does not match up in the
    beginning. But the vocals need more of a bang and more range so its not so boring and it
    was very repetitive. I did like once he added more umph to his voice. Then drums got added
    in randomly. It would of sounded better to have them played through out the whole thing.

  63. Good intro to the song. I love the background music that’s beingbplayed. It started off
    sounding like jazz/blues and he changes the tempo of the beat to electric beats. I like how the
    song goes in and out from high to high. The artist controls his voice while singing. He makes
    sure to stay on point with the song. I love how he added in a rap verse. There is so many
    different elements to this song. You can here various instruments being used. Especially the
    drums. The artist is very versatile. This song will be a hit. It will definitely be played on the
    radio. This song is different and entertaining. You can bob your head. Jump up and down, or
    simply just enjoy it being played. I really like the style of this song.

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